My understanding and experience reaches into every aspect of the relationship between employers and their people, from the strategic to the practical, from the extraordinary to the everyday. I’ve worked within organisations of every sort, size and sector, playing our part in their successes by delivering specific programmes and pieces of work.

My main focus when working with you will be to increase your organisational performance through employee engagement, leadership development, employee wellbeing and culture change. I recognise that pragmatic solutions, action planning, delivery and output are what drive success through increased individual and organisational performance.

Gallup research overwhelmingly shows that companies with high employee engagement and strong company culture outperform their peers across all business metrics including profitability, productivity, customer satisfaction and employee retention.  In order to excel in employee engagement, organizations must be deliberate in prioritizing work culture and strong management, these are two fundamentals with which we can support you.

Everyone misses work sometimes, but poor attendance can have a drastic impact on any business, so it’s vital to manage the issue before it escalates. I’ll help you manage employee absence and improve your levels of attendance thus reduce the cost of sickness absence. I can also help you take a more proactive approach by creating a Wellbeing strategy and also deliver Mental Health awareness training to enable your employees to better understand this important topic and the impact it has in the workplace.

Some examples of the expertise we can bring to your business:

  • Create Employee Engagement initiatives
  • Redundancy & Restructure advice
  • Create an Employee Wellbeing strategy
  • Offer Performance Management solutions
  • Provide Attendance Management Advice & Guidance
  • Provide guidance on how to manage ‘tricky’ employee situations
  • Scoping and creating Job Descriptions
  • Provide Employment Law information
  • Review and develop Contracts of Employment & Employee Handbooks
  • Manage Restructuring programmes
  • International HRM advice
  • Design Employee Communications initiatives
  • Compensation & Benefits advice

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