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I offer a professional, flexible, pragmatic & cost-effective approach to outsourced human resource management. Specifically, I offer practical generalist HR services & HR strategy solutions to SME’s to enable their people to maximise their performance and productivity. I will partner with your managers & business leaders to support their operational HR needs. I will deliver practical and bespoke people solutions that add value within a commercial environment and make a lasting difference to the employees and the organisation’s effectiveness.

My approach is personal. I will get to know your organisation and build relationships with your people to become an integrated member of your team and attend your team events if you wish; I won’t remain a distant adviser, operating at arm’s length. I offer a blended model of support including email, telephone, and face to face support, which can be provided remotely, at your location or at a mutually convenient venue.

Whatever the size of your organisation, if you employ people then not only must you comply with current employment legislation, but you must also engage with your most valuable asset in the most productive way. If you employ staff, you need to have someone to rely on who understands employment issues and can help you avoid the pitfalls that can create major problems down the line. I can help and advise on all aspects of employing staff from recruiting them, through to the end of their employment with you. I understand the commercial aspects of business enabling us to give business-focused practical advice and solutions; I won’t just tell you what the law is.

As well as dealing with the challenging scenarios like disciplinary and grievance issues, I will also help you to be proactive in developing and training your staff and putting in processes and procedures to make your life easier and improve employee motivation and performance. Of course, I can help you with the basics as well, such as contracts of employment, staff handbooks and the various letters you need. I can also attend staff meetings, run training courses for your staff and provide 1:1 coaching.

My main focus when working with you is to increase your organisational performance through employee engagement, leadership development, employee wellbeing and culture change. I recognise that pragmatic solutions, action planning, delivery and output are what drive success through increased individual and organisational performance.

Gallup research overwhelmingly shows that companies with high employee engagement and strong company culture outperform their peers across all business metrics including profitability, productivity, customer satisfaction and employee retention.  In order to excel in employee engagement, organizations must be deliberate in prioritizing work culture and strong management, these are two fundamentals with which I can support you.

Specifically, I will help you to drive your organisational results by delivering pragmatic people solutions that meet the specific needs of your business. I have a broad range of skills for you to draw from, and can offer a variety of services & solutions.

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