COVID-19 Support

The effects of COVID-19 on the people within your organisation are challenging, multi-faceted and complex. Redundancies, managing remote teams, employee well-being & mental health, restructures, employee communication, returning to the work-place, outplacement support and furlough are all topics at the front and centre of all business leaders’ agendas.

Employee well-being has never before been so important to all employers. Caring for your employees as they work from home or transition back into the workplace is fundamental to your organisational culture as well as your employee engagement, productivity & retention. How you support and look after your staff now will be remembered long after COVID-19 has passed. I can create well-being initiatives, mental health training and support, return to work plans and guidance, employee communication strategies for remote workers and line manager training.

Remote management is challenging and new to many managers at the moment. Leading teams which are working from home in multiple locations requires some new skills and flexing existing skills in a different way. I can support with coaching and practical tips.

With so much change going on in the world of work at the moment, maybe you need to right-size your business. Restructuring and redundancy programmes can be tricky to manage, from a procedural, management and ethical perspective. However, it is possible to make these changes successfully, enabling you to move your business forward, and position it for the future. I can guide you through these processes.
And, if you are making redundancies, I can provide your displaced employees with outplacement support including CV writing & review, job search support, interview preparation and building confidence & resilience.

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